Commercial Build-to-Suit

Houston Realty Advisors, Inc. will help you develop a successful commercial build-to-suit project, whether your business expansion is an office building, restaurant, warehouse, or high visibility retail location.

The advantages of choosing a build-to-suit option are quite beneficial to any business. The most significant advantage is that the property is designed and built to your exact specifications—meaning that you will have the bulk of the input into the design and construction. This leads to the other advantages, including being able to maximize space, maximize efficiency, and most importantly reduce long-term costs.

When it comes to picking a location, your business can choose from our large inventory database of prime commercial properties in Houston, or we can acquire the location you need.

We have the capacity to take your commercial build-to-suit project from conception to completion, whether you have complete design documents or just an idea of what you would like.

One of the major setbacks keeping more business owners from the build-to-suit option is the cost factor. The cost of a build-to-suit is never a constant number because of the many factors that come into play. These factors include the location of the building, the size of the building, the type of the building, the credit of the tenant, municipal requirements, and the current state of the market, to name a few. This can seem overwhelming, but that is why Houston Realty Advisors is here.

Our previous work with developers and commercial contractors will ensure cost controls in your commercial build-to-suit project. We will find several developers to bid on your build-to-suit construction and design work for the best price, terms and conditions.

For a complete list of build to suit properties,
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